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A resource for learning identification of molecular point group symmetry using an interactive flowchart and three-dimensional molecular display.

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I have my students look at pictures of butterflies and moths. This is an excellent example of symmetry found in nature. Then I have the students trace a butterfly

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The reflection in this lake also has symmetry, but in this case: the Line of Symmetry runs left-to-right; it is not perfect symmetry, as the image is changed a little

Symmetry Artist. Mathematics and Art come together! You can nudge the most recent addition by using the up down left right keys. Press ctrl to make smaller adjustments.

Symmetry definition, the correspondence in size, form, and arrangement of parts on opposite sides of a plane, line, or point; regularity of form or arrangement in

Symmetry is an online magazine about particle physics and its connections to other aspects of life and science, from interdisciplinary collaborations to policy to

‘What is line symmetry?’ Students View & Explore Real World Examples of Line Symmetry & Rotational Symmetry

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Worksheets and No Prep Teaching Resources Math Worksheets: Symmetry and Lines of Symmetry Activities, Worksheets, Printables, and Lesson Plans

Symmetry Games and Symmetry Activities: Complete the symmetrical pattern.

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